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Real-Time Weather Data



The Department of Earth Sciences is making measurements of atmospheric CO2, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and solar insolation atop the Electrical Engineering building on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities East Bank Campus. While most atmospheric CO2 measurements are made in pristine continental or oceanic environments, the new CO2 data will reflect significant urban activities.


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Air Temp month pCO2 month
Relative humidity month Wind speed month
Solar radiation month

Wind direction month

time stamp

Air, internal panel, and CO2 sensor temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity and solar insolation are logged by the datalogger. The data are sent via wired and wireless University network from the datalogger to a PC for display and Linux cluster for archiving.  

The panel enclosure is mounted on a 12 foot frame atop a 7 story building. The building is situated between Minneapolis, MN (shown in background) to the west, and St. Paul to the east.

enclosure   rooftop station

For more information, contact: Katsumi Matsumoto, Biogeochemical Cycles Group,Earth Sciences, University of MN

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